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The Earl of Ice coverThe Earl of Ice

Author of In Pursuit of Miriam

“Another romantic charmer from Helen A. Grant
with Regency characters that intrigue.”

— Romance Addict Book Blog

The Earl… with coldness in his eyes and ice in his heart. He will never surrender to love.

Rollo Stannington, the Earl of Brockwood, is considered a wonderful catch by the mamas of the ton. He is young, handsome and extremely wealthy. What mother can resist having him as a son-in-law? If only their daughters didn’t pale and tremble in his presence and beat a hasty retreat as soon as they could! Rollo, nicknamed “The Earl of Ice” because of his frigid demeanor, welcomes this reaction. He has no intention of marrying. Ever.

The Lady… young, vibrant and alive. She will keep his secret, but only to free his heart.

Dianna Wells, a young debutante, is immune to Rollo’s coldness. Where other ladies stand tongue tied before him, she chats gaily and comfortably with him. She even enjoys dancing with him. No one knows that Rollo and Diana share a devastating secret. One that draws them together yet will ultimately test their growing attraction to each other…

The passions of the Regency period smolder in this new romance from Helen A. Grant.

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